Scott Nordheimer Urban Atlantic

My commitment is to help you buy your new home


The objective of the First Meeting with scott nordheimer is to know in depth your needs and priorities. Through a personal interview where I listen actively, we determine the starting point: what you need.

Below, I explain in detail the entire process involved in the acquisition of a new property. I offer you advice so that you know the reality of the market. And I specify the scope and steps that we will follow if you hire my services.

At the end of this meeting with scott nordheimer , we jointly decide if we can commit to working together through a relationship of trust.

Whether you have to think about it or if you are determined to hire my services, I give you a draft of the contract to sign and a list with the documentation we need to start working.
Signature of the contract and delivery of the requested documentation

In the second appointment, you can ask me all the doubts that may arise after reading the contract and we will close the specific conditions according to your needs.

The contract includes the obligations and commitments of the two parties, scott nordheimer, and the details of all the contracted services, the term, the fees, the form of payment, as well as a buyer protection plan.

In an annex, we include all the information related to the characteristics of the search of the property: area or location, surface, type of property, minimum requirements such as the number of rooms, bathrooms, parking spaces, terrace, garden, swimming pool, etc. ., as well as your initial budget.

So that the purchase process is transparent at all times, I only work for you that you are the buyer and I will receive as compensation for my services a fixed fee pre-established and not linked to the final price of the property you purchase. Thus, you have the assurance that scott nordheimer will always prioritize your interests.

In addition, in this second meeting, we need the financial documentation necessary to carry out the financing study or the pre-approval of the mortgage loans if you have already managed your financing with a financial institution.
Pre-study of financing

The objective of this step is to set the purchase budget and do the fiscal planning of the purchase.

It is a necessary step to establish with an objective criterion the purchase budget, focus the search and delimit it to what can really be bought and prepare the ground for when we make a reservation.

This preparation work is key because it allows the buyer:

Know in advance the financing and budget available.
Avoid losing purchase opportunities because the approval of financing is delayed.
Take advantage of the best viable opportunities, instead of wasting time on non-viable operations.
Make a good purchase planning and know how to save money in the purchase.
Avoid situations of stress or disappointment.

Search, selection and visits

Once we have clear what we want to achieve, work daily to find and select the properties that best suit your needs.

I search systematically and with a work plan organized with all the means at my disposal:

Real estate agencies
Professional localized mailbox
Searches in professional databases
Mailings to all agencies with information about what we are looking for
Alerts on all real estate portals
Specific calls to my contacts

Through these channels, I get information about the properties currently for sale and also those that will be immediately available to offer you privileged information.

Filter the information and select the visits that can meet your needs. I visit the properties to verify that they effectively meet the requirements we have established. I carry out an investigation of the environment, communications, facilities, the offer of services in the area and the specific valuation of the price.

Next, I make a detailed report of each property with all the information and photographs.

In a meeting, we review all the information and select the visits you want to make.

I take care of planning each visit and I accompany you to help you to have all the information, including the most committed questions or those that for the nerves of the moment you do not succeed to make and are important to make a good purchase.
Presentation of offer and negotiation

When we find the property you want to buy, it’s time to make a winning bid. And my advice will be very useful.

On the one hand, all offers are supported by a market study and based on technical reports on the state of the property, pros and cons.