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World of Warcraft is almost thirteen years old, and it is still the most popular MMORPG. Unfortunately, after all that time Blizzard never released an official Linux client. Not everything is bad, Wine has it covered. Check out this awesome wow keybinding addon.

You can try regular Wine, but it is not the best to get the latest improvements in the performance of the games. Wine Staging and Wine with the Gallium Nine patches are almost universally better. If you are using proprietary drivers, Wine Staging is the best option. For the Mesa drivers, make sure that Gallium Nine support is compiled (probably it is) and uses Wine with the Gallium patches.

If we count this that we are premiering already there are 3 changes of expansion that I have seen in the game, the 3 to the front of the same brotherhood and the 2 first times with the same problems.


The wow players are people used to always doing the same things, whether it is to make sands, battlefields, raids or dungeons, we all have our routine in the game. When those routines are broken there are always complaints, of course we also complain about our brotherhoods. Wow Keybinding Addon page.


There are things that are inevitable. The players who upload very quickly and want to see new content as soon as possible are not willing to wait for their fellowship partners, so since they can search for alternative pickups or with the search engine. Many of these will be carried away by the initial euphoria of the expansion to go to another brotherhood where they promise the speed of advancement they so much desire.
Both situations occur at the end and at the beginning of the expansions. People looking for an excuse to download their frustration and end up paying with their brotherhoods.
The first 2 weeks of an expansion are crucial for the life of a brotherhood because it is when the motivation and patience of its members are put to the test, that is why the most convenient thing is to carefully monitor those attitudes that are out of tune with those of the majority to deal with. to get everyone to play together from the beginning.


To read the complete article and the comments left by PEM readers, you can do it through this link.


This article was published a day before the exit of the expansion almost a month ago, I had not played the beta so what I knew about pandaria was nothing more. I expected a certain dislocation because, as I wrote at the time, the changes always cause conflicts, but I did not expect in any way what I found.

I was not at the beginning of the expansion, I was traveling and I did not arrive home until several days after the beginning of the expansion, besides I did not have the expansion yet (that’s another story) and I preferred to wait a few more days before entering the game. In the end, when I returned to Azeroth, the expansion had been on servers for almost a week.

During that week I tried to recover the rhythm, I went back to the daily routine, to write a bit in the forums, in PEM, here in the blog, and of course to read the news of expansion principle. I read in those days news of all kinds, complaints and praises, comments in forums and various pages, but what impressed me most was the number of brotherhoods that have “broken”.

Without going any further the first comment that received this article in Pem already talks about the subject, but looking a little more in forums, pages of brotherhood and fansites I found in a while at least 9 different brotherhoods that had come down just with the arrival of the expansion.
I doubt very much that the expansion is the culprit of this, rather I think it has only served as an excuse to make come out afloat a problem that surely all those fraternities had for a long time. Get a Wow Keybinding Addon.