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Let’s start, as usual, with confessions. I’ve been playing World of Warcraft since the beginning of time. I am one of those who suffered cleaning Molten Core -getting 40 players was not always easy-, for those who ended Onyxia was a milestone and who ended up hating Ahn’Qiraj (it’s an area that I have struggled to return even when I could do it alone). At first I was a hard core player, something that I left aside when I realized that I had two jobs: the one who paid the bills and the one who had me awake until dawn 5 days a week, when not 7. I was close to a year without playing around 2013 or 2014, between Pandaria and Warlords of Draenor, but for more than a decade WoW has been a constant in my life. Even with the casting hand, in which I alternated playing The Sims with climbing all my alts. I am, therefore, a hooked to the game.


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The addiction to online mass games is becoming a serious problem that affects hundreds of people around the world. The seriousness of the matter has led some psychologists and psychiatrists to take special measures to treat addicts: perform their task through the game itself. For this purpose they have asked Blizzard to offer special discounts in World of Warcraft for the experts.

The leader of this initiative is Dr. Richard Graham, a British psychiatrist who has decided to create an avatar in the game and offer therapy to its clients through it. “We will launch this project at the end of the year. I think that professionals should be aware of all the parameters that influence the player in the game, “he said in statements to the Telegraph.

In this way, professionals can better understand the addiction of their patients. In addition, they will make an exact follow-up of their activities: the time they spend connected and the breaks they make in the game. All perfect as long as it is not the psychiatrists themselves who end up hooking.

Do you think it’s exaggerated? The truth is that it seems a bit of a joke, but the truth is that the subject is quite serious. I was hooked on WoW for a while, it was not serious, I just hoarded almost all my leisure time, but it did not affect other facets of my life. I left him almost involuntarily, for starting to devote more time to other activities. Before I had tried to leave voluntarily a couple of times … Both fell again.

However, many people have a worse time. The compulsive game ends up producing food disorders, difficulties at work, breakup of couple, health problems … I was not aware of the number of people affected by World of Warcraft and similar games until I wrote the post WoW Addict, one of the first texts that I wrote for this blog and that, even today, receives a multitude of visits and comments from people who really have or have had online addiction problems.

Yesterday I wrote a reader named Ther, who told his hard story, a story that I think it’s worth reproducing here in representation of so many similar ones that you can read in the comments to the aforementioned post:

Well, I’ve come to this post looking for a reason not to play WoW. I lie, not a reason but a reason, reasons I have heaps, I’ve been playing WoW for two years, in which I lost my job, I almost lost my home, I’m separated with a 7-year-old girl (5 when I started) She said she hated that game to which her mother paid more attention than herself.

It really is hateful to realize how you waste your life for something that does not exist. Even so, today, after being two months without playing WoW and having given an impressive turn to my life, I started eating. Yes !, eat! I stopped eating so I did not have to detach myself from the screen. I’ve started a business, I do yoga every day, I talk to people, I talk to my family again, and even after that … unfortunately I miss WoW.

God! I have quit smoking and it has not cost me work compared to stop playing WoW, how do you explain it? I need those quest … those goals … but in real life … what really moves the world? Let’s raise awareness, gentlemen, the WoW is wonderful, yes … So is cocaine … Both have side effects, we have realized that cocaine is bad …. We are not yet aware of the damage that can make us such an addictive game.

I hope I have the willpower not to fall again despite the fact that I already say that there is no day that I do not remember and think … how my characters will be.

The story of Nieves is also very representative, which for many months has used the comments of the post as a forum to vent. She tells a story “from the other side”, she is the woman who sees how she loses her husband because of the game, how her daughter feels that her father does not pay attention to her. People who fail in their studies, who lose their relationship with the family, who neglect their appearance and state of health, who change their character …

I can only give you a lot of encouragement to all and recommend that you dispense with the computer for a season (changing Internet provider is an almost infallible method to disengage) and, if you have value, you eliminate all your characters from the game (that is not so simple to recover as a pack of cigarettes). Good luck, really!

Which does not mean that I have always liked it or that I know lore as if it were my personal Bible. In fact, I am a disaster for names, sometimes I forget whole pieces of history and I recognize that many times I have completed missions without reading the texts. Without forgetting that I have not delved into the novels, comics and others with the exception of Dark Legacy Comics, which does not count as I would although I would like it. However, none of this prevents me from enjoying a game that I have dedicated more hours of my life than I like to admit.

So, every time I get the notice to the mail, or by the appearance of a new option in the launcher drop, that I have access to the Alpha or Beta of a new expansion, I throw myself for it. With the advantage of knowing that, very likely, by the time it is really launched, I will have already forgotten half. Also influences that, for a time to this part, prefer to make me characters that is unlikely to get to play in the Live version: anyone belonging to the Horde. So, in addition, I can know the two sides of the story. And that’s what I’ve done this time with the Battle for Azeroth Beta. Although, for reasons that I will explain later, on this occasion I have also played a bit with the Alliance.

Unfortunately, this time, I do not go as fast as I would like, so I will not be able to perform a detailed analysis of all that this expansion has to offer, but I can point out the seven things that more and less I’m enjoying it until now. Possibly without order or concert.

1. As always, the work done to create an interesting narrative arc in both factions is looking impeccable. I still do not understand very well how, after all that happened in Legion, the two factions decide, suddenly, to confront again and return to the origins, but I trust that it will be explained from here to August 14. Once this has been overcome, and the confusion that I felt as a result of planting myself in the Battle of Lordaeron with either of the two factions, the two narrative lines, each on a continent, are charming me. As well as the fact that, to a greater or lesser extent, you have to earn the trust of the residents of the new continents. In that sense, it reminds me of what I liked most about Pandaria, which was precisely the need to introduce your hero into a completely new culture and prove your worth. If I’m going to have to kill 400 pigs to get 20 livers, at least for a good cause.

2. Magni Bronzebeard, again. What makes its appearance, in accordance. That this time is faster, too. But I admit that I got a bit of hives when I accepted the quest to go see him. I was afraid of being involved in another eternal mission.

3. The old and new artifacts. I do not know about you, but after what it cost me to achieve each of the class artifacts in Legion, I find it hard to separate myself from them. Yes, we knew that they were only for Legion, that the system to level them up had become a torture and that having to get hundreds and thousands of billions of power points had reached ridiculous levels. But I want you to give back to Hati!

On the other hand, after what happened to get our precious weapons (there were chains of missions more or less easy, but all required at least an investment of time), how we got the new device in Battle for Azeroth (at least in Beta ) is, at least, disappointing. The feeling of having won it is not there. At least for me.

4. Let’s go back to the good: the graphic aspect of the new areas, and the improvement that some maps imply. I, who am useless to read a map (real or video game), declare myself an absolute fan of the city of Boralus. The only complaint, which I have also read in the forums, is that the symbol of the taps and the ferris are the same, but they are not connected, so sometimes I have found myself thinking that I was the other type.

Landscapes and mission areas seem to me, in general


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Today is a marked day in the calendar in red for lovers of video games, we celebrate the And on a day like today, we talked about World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth, now available in the Blizzard Store. Maybe this great game sounds to you to see it in the SYFY broadcast, because World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth sponsors our best cinema in Prime Time.

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth (in English World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth) is a video game of the genre of massively multiplayer Role Online (MMORPG), seventh expansion set in the universe World of Warcraft, following the events of Legion. The expansion will introduce four races for both the Alliance and the Horde, among many more novelties.

What is this adventure about? Azeroth paid a terrible price to end the apocalyptic march of the Legion crusade, but, although the wounds of the world are in the process of healing, surely the most difficult thing to repair is the collapse of trust between the Alliance and the Horde. In Battle for Azeroth, the fall of the Burning Legion triggers a series of disastrous incidents that rekindle the primordial conflict of the Warcraft saga. With the beginning of a new war era, the heroes of Azeroth must embark on a journey to recruit new allies, seize the most powerful resources in the world and fight on several fronts to determine whether it will be the Horde or the Alliance that will guide Azeroth towards its uncertain future.


Last weekend the Blizzcon took place and from Blizzard they left us their news; and in the bunker we are applauding and full of happiness, so much that even the teddy bears have become happy next to us, and here we are next to the fireplace with chocolate and cookies. The news has left us with much desire to enjoy everything that is to come, 2019 is here! We will go through them little by little, and we will start with the novelties of the World of Warcraft Universe.

There is no more time to prepare: the time has come to attack the enemy faction. The war between the Horde and the Alliance reaches a key point in Tides of Vengeance, the first major content update of Battle for Azeroth, where new allies will join the front and heroes of the past will rise up in arms to claim what was left to them. snapped up. In the course of Revenge Tides, players can fight for their faction through a wide variety of features and new content, including:

NEW STORY AND MISSIONS OF CHARACTERS: Discover the new chapters of the stories of Tyrande, Colmillosaurus and Vol’jin in new chains of missions centered on the characters, and attack the enemy in a persistent war campaign.
BAND – BATTLE OF DAZAR’ALOR: The war reaches the shores of Zandalar with a new band that has the stage of the Zandalari troll capital. Fight against Horde or Alliance leaders like the elder Mekkatorque or King Rastakhan in specific encounters for each faction, and fight on the front of one of Battle for Azeroth’s key conflicts.

WAR FRONT – BATTLE FOR THE DARK COAST: Under the ashen shadow of Teldrassil, the night elves attack the Forsaken to recover their ancestral home in a new cooperative war front. Between battle and battle, discover what awaits you in a new version of Costa Oscura altered by the war.
ASHTS OF THE HORDE AND THE ALLIANCE: Defended Kul Tiras and Zandalar of the invading forces of the enemy faction in assaults of the Horde and the Alliance that will take place in the outside world of Battle for Azeroth. Sabotage enemy ships, eliminate their commanders and get booty and artifact power to prepare you for new conflicts.
NEW INSULAR EXPEDITIONS: Reclaim the azerite of the new islands of Jorundall and Bosqueamparo, with new features in the island expedition system such as the captureable azerite extractors.
DYNASTIC ARMOR OF DWARFS AND BLOOD ELPHES: Dwarves and blood elves of the highest level can delve into the history and background of their respective races, and unlock dynastic armor to honor their legacies.
AND THAT IS NOT ALL !: While revealing Tides of Vengeance, discover the dark secrets that lurk in the Valley Sing Storm in the band Crisol de Tormentas, recruit the Zandalari trolls and the humans of Kul Tiras as allied races and prepare for the appearance of old enemies in future chapters of Battle for Azeroth.

Relive a time of never-ending adventure with World of Warcraft Classic, the next re-creation of Blizzard Entertainment’s original massive multiplayer role-playing game. Join heroes of the Horde and the Alliance yesterday and today on an epic journey through the fantasy world of Azeroth as it was before it changed with the seven expansions of WoW.

FORGING AN AUTHENTIC EXPERIENCE: With World of Warcraft Classic, Blizzard is committed to restoring and re-creating the original WoW game content and experience as faithfully as possible. Help Mankrik with his tragic mission at a time when the Barrens were not divided in two; Assault Core of Magma with the original faculties and talents of the level 60 heroes; cheer up the taverns of Azeroth with stories of PvP in Tarren Mill; and much more.
CLASSIC GAME; MODERN TECHNOLOGY: Play with all the advantages of modern Blizzard and WoW technology, such as Blizzard friends lists, UI enhancements (designed to ensure stability and fair play) and the latest technical updates of the game. system that ensure that the game works on current equipment.
DRUMS OF WAR: WoW Classic includes all the content of the original World of Warcraft until its latest update, patch 1.12: Drums of war, which will be unlocked as you progress. Equip for the opening of the Blackwing Lair, take part in the race to get the title of Lord and Lady Beetle, and stand up to Kel’Thuzad in the halls of Naxxramas.


The day has come when the tension between the Horde and the Alliance has surpassed all limits with the premiere of ‘Battle for Azeroth’, the seventh expansion of the incombustible ‘World of Warcraft’.

The launch of the new content pack signals the beginning of a new era of war, as players from around the world will embark on a mission to ensure that the future of Azeroth belongs to their faction.

The defenders of the Alliance are summoned in the kingdom of Kul Tiras, the former home of Jaina Valiente, to ask for the help of their legendary fleet, while the Horde champions must look for allies in the distant Empire of Zandalar, home of the Zandalari trolls.

As part of the campaign, the heroes will fight for critical resources in innumerable insular expeditions; they will release the power of the azerite to unlock new powers using the artifact called the Heart of Azeroth; they will prepare for a massive confrontation on the Stromgarde war front; and recruit new allied races to support the cause.

‘Battle for Azeroth’ brings new features and content that test the strength and loyalty of heroes. Throughout the expansion we will have new playable allied races endowed with their own racial skills, such as the Black Iron dwarves, the Mag’har orcs, the Tauren Monte Alto and the Elves of the Void among others, that will help create our new character , and by the way, add some strength to the faction.

The package also allows us to discover new unexplored islands of Azeroth, and fight in groups of three to get the resources of each island and promote the war campaign. If what we like is to load in fronts of war, we will be able to fight in the battlefield in a cooperative front of 20 players to claim a key strategic location.

In addition we can follow the trail of the corruption of the God of Blood to the Rotten Catacombs, where we are waiting for the secrets of a titanic camera lost along 10 new levels in which we can amass new power.

Remember, before each battle, look for azerite, in this way you can imbue the Heart of Azeroth to customize your armor with new powers and traits. Then, you can take a look at the launch trailer.