Are You Ranking #1 In Cocoa Beach For Your Keywords?

When your business depends on free traffic from Google and other major search engines you must rank or else. Whatever traffic you are not getting is going directly to your competition, sound familiar?

If you are not ranked at the top, you are loosing business

This data shows that the majority of searchers will click on the top result in Google for the keyword phrase they are searching. From there the clicks fall off drastically. If you are not on page one at all, your business is not even in the ballpark.


Lets Do The Math

In this example say that your keyword phrase is “Cocoa Beach Hotels” which receives 90,500 searches per month on Google. With a number one ranking you can expect to have 33,250 visitors to your website each month. If your average net revenue from a customer staying at your hotel is $300 that is a potential $9,975,000 net revenue for your website business per month. At position number two the figure is $7,125,000. Position number three is $2,850,000. From there your web generated revenue quickly goes to zero for this keyword phrase. The difference can be staggering for your business.

This example applies to any business that has potential traffic from searches on Google. Whether you are a plumber, hotel, restaurant or any other category you most likely have the opportunity to cash in on free traffic from Google.

What We Will Do For You

We push your keywords to the top of Google, plain and simple. We are not a web design company or a one stop shop for all things web. With this single minded focus we are able to deliver the results that actually matter when it comes to revenue generation from free search engine traffic. Many businesses make the mistake of not focusing on rankings but rather the visual or “cool” factor of their websites, only for very few potential customers to land on their site because they have no keyword rankings.

We have worked with a wide range of clients across many different markets, but the principles remain the same. You want more traffic to your website and less to your competition, and that is what we provide. The only question that remains is would you like to just survive or thrive?

A Word About Who We Work With

We work with companies that are up and running already , with quality products or services and simply want to move ahead further and faster than they currently are. We do not work with brand new businesses, adult websites, or low quality products or services.

What You Can Expect From Us



Put your money to work for years to come. Our Search Engine Optimization is geared towards the future. It’s priced so that you can make an excellent return on invesment and is strong enough to last.



You will always be able to reach us, we provide our personal cell numbers and emails so that you can reach us when you need to. We are an organization with a face.



We provide monthly reports that track the progress of your rankings in Google. If there are updates in the search industry we will make you aware of those, as well as provide feedback that can help your business.



In order to stay on top of the dynamic nature search engine marketing we are members of a worldwide SEO think tank. Ensuring that as Google changes we change with it, giving you the latest cutting edge marketing.

We Are SEO Experts For Cocoa Beach Florida

Please fill out our discovery form to learn how we can increase your success online. We promise to contact you within 24 to 48 hours with a comprehensive review of your online opportunities.

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