De- Escalation For Free

BERLIN taz | The Demmin party friends did not look bad. A CDU chairwoman of the clear, almost drastic words – they are not used to that here in the northeast. For Political Ash Wednesday in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Angela Merkel, who is always at a moderate temperature, did not come to the local squash center this time and gave one of her mild “fun must be” speeches prepared by the Federal Press Office.

No, this time Merkel’s successor Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer took on the task of bringing the soul of the north-east German CDU to a boil for the 24th edition of this tradition, which is already not poor in strangeness. And what must say? “AKK”, as the new party leader is called, delivered.

Dressed in the CDU colors black and orange, Merkel’s successor gave a forty-minute Ash Wednesday speech that had washed herself. It was aimed primarily at those who had thought that after the shitstorm of the last few days, AKK was in any way contrite or even insightful. The opposite was the case. At the Stockach jester’s court last weekend, Kramp-Karrenbauer reached damn deep into the cliché box and cracked a more than smelly joke about members of the third sex.

When it came to the question for or against unisex toilets, she had explained, it was mainly about people “who do not know whether they can still pee standing up or whether they have to sit up”. Tatää!

The reactions in the media and in the political arena were epic. There was talk of discrimination, of cynicism at the expense of the weaker. Even the Lesbian and Gay Union demanded an apology from the party leaders. After what was now observed in Demmin on Ash Wednesday, it can be stated: Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer encourages something like that. It is not for nothing that she has been on the road as cleaning lady Gretel in the Saarland Carnival for years; she knows how to escalate and how to force others to laugh along with moderate jokes. So she violently attacked her critics and played the ball back into their field.

Referring to her Stockach Carnival speech, she exclaimed: “I can only tell you: If we continue like this, then we run the risk of ruining something very wonderful in our country, namely the tradition of Carnival, the tradition of Carnival, the tradition of Cabaret, where you don’t have to weigh every word on the gold scales. If we tense up like we did in the last few days, then a piece of tradition and culture in Germany will be ruined. And we shouldn’t let that happen. ”

Rousing jokes about cultural assets
Us against them – this rhetorical figure works reliably at the Union. And apart from the fact that in large parts of this country nobody would miss anything if Carnival, Mardi Gras or Mardi Gras were simply canceled, it is simply good to stir up bad jokes about cultural assets. And so that there really was no uncertainty as to who she wanted to stroke and who she wanted to meet, Kramp-Karrenbauer added another shovel. With her speech by Stockach she only defended herself against the accusation of the court of fools that she was responsible for “emasculating the CDU”. It was not about a third gender, but “about the question of emancies”, machos and the relationship between the sexes.