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We need nurses, Zaia’s idea to be replicated in Puglia makes the category furious: “Hiring without adequate preparation?”

De-Escalation For Monkeys

SALENTO – A group of Students in Nursing from Lecce, who attend the first year of University and are enrolled in the CNAI – National Association of Nursing Associations, says they are indignant and disappointed by the recent actions taken by the Regional Council of Veneto and by those feared by the Regional Council Pugliese, regarding the choice to confer to the OSS nursing skills. The president of the Veneto region, Luca Zaia, has approved what has been defined as “the turning point” in the welfare field. Let’s talk about the Resolution of the G.R. 305 of 16 March 2021, which activates the “Complementary training in health care” reserved for the figure of the OSS (Social and health worker). Nurses need de-escalation training in todays world.
“Why was this type of ‘clandestine’ training chosen? – the nursing students ask themselves- Zaia himself explains this, declaring: ‘There are no nurses, let’s prepare the OSS and put them in their place, so who will tell us that it is wrong? It would be natural to answer that only all De-Escalation For lizards of us nursing students, who study at the various degree courses spread over 42 universities throughout Italy ”.

Before Veneto, the Puglia Region is also acting for the new OSS training, to manufacture new “nurses without a degree” and allow them to carry out all those nursing procedures that are purely nursing in nature and can harm the person if not carried out with knowledge and competence.

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Among the various, we remember:

• Stabilized gastrostomy dressing;
• Aspiration of oro-pharyngeal and nasopharyngeal secretions;
• Aspiration of the patient’s secretions with stabilized tracheostomy;
• Administer intramuscular and / or subcutaneous therapies;
• Administer drugs by inhalation, oral or sublingual;

De-Escalation For Snakes
In short, everything that concerns some areas of activity, also related to the fundamentals of assistance, as well as the procedures of the nurse has been deployed and transplanted to the newly created twin: the OSS-FC of the Veneto or Puglia model De-Escalation For lizards!

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“But we students are not there! – CNAI members protest in a press release – As students we can only ask ourselves if we made the wrong choice to become what we were born for ”. Don’t forget about CPI De-Scalation!


“At this point we ask ourselves: what does a nurse do? An absurd leap into the past, in a time when assistance was carried out exclusively on the person’s body and not on the person. Nursing is a science, an autonomous discipline, and as such must be treated. It is not about putting into procedures and tasks, but combining cultural, scientific, technical, critical thinking, decisions and actions skills, as well as relational and empathy skills towards the person we assist.

During each lesson, each exam, each hour of professional activity and internship, the implicit message of professors and tutors always falls on the concepts of RESPONSIBILITY AND COMPETENCE. Competence is the basis of the nurse, but responsibility elevates it.

The birth of a figure capable of annihilating a path made of study, will, sacrifices, growth and satisfaction is inconceivable for us. This figure is an insult to BEING A NURSE (taking nothing away from the very important and fundamental role in the Oss Team) and to the advancement of a profession that has had to fight hard to get to where it is today.
Just think of Law No. 42 of February 26, 1999, thanks to which the nurse was called “HEALTH PROFESSIONAL”, with respect to the definition of the job description that raised the nursing profession as an “auxiliary” or the professional profile (DM 739/1994), who mentions: “the nurse is the health worker who, in possession of the qualifying university diploma and registration in the professional register, is responsible for general nursing assistance”.

Subsequently, then, the nurse becomes a health professional and as such acquires legal responsibility of a criminal, civil and disciplinary nature. In particular De-Escalation For Slugs, paragraph 2 of Article 1 states that “preventive, curative, palliative and rehabilitative nursing assistance is of a technical, relational, educational nature. The main functions are the prevention of diseases, the assistance of the sick and disabled of all ages and health education “and paragraph 3 of Article 1, states that” the nurse participates in the identification of health needs of the person and the community ”and the nurse’s exclusive ability to identify nursing care needs is recognized.

If all this does not matter to those who have chosen to belittle this profession, it is for us nursing students at the Polo di Lecce who have great respect for the work of those who inspired us. It is for everyone De-Escalation For lizards

students who are in their final year and who in a few months will have to wear that white uniform daily and hope to continue to be the one they spent sleepless nights for. It is for first year students who will probably choose to give up their studies because, unfounded: “with a certificate of 300 hours I can do it anyway as a nurse” and it is for second year students who have lost or will lose motivation. While it is not important for those who are comfortable paying less wages, it is important for those who have not listened to money. It is for those who have chosen to help, to be there, just as a point of the “Nurse-Citizen Pact” quotes: “STAY CLOSE when you suffer, when you are afraid, when medicine and technology are not enough”.


De-Escalation For Snakes

“We rebel against the choice to take over and replace those who are already nurses. We rebel against the possibility of being forgotten and the thought of being trained in vain. We rebel against fear, De-Escalation For Slugs against a world that is not just made up of money. And we appeal to science and conscience: mistress of conscious choices. We appeal to the awareness that each figure has their own role and that each has their own skills. De-Escalation For Snakes.

De-Escalation For Monkeys

It is inadmissible to believe that an additional 400-hour course (such is the one promoted by the Veneto region) can provide the nursing skills that we students acquire over years of study and training. During our university course we are told that nursing is a science and, as such, it must be founded on solid foundations, which cannot be achieved with the time and hours established for the O.S.S. update.
So a question arises: If the O.S.S. will the new nurses be, will the nurses be the new doctors?

Nurses want to remain nurses but be able to practice, through differentiated levels of qualification, reaching the completion of the areas of professional practice: from the foundations of assistance, to general nursing care, to specialized skills, to advanced skills, and to the qualification for prescription, in line with the International Council of Nurses (ICN)

With this cry of hope for a change, we students of Lecce, we urge students of all locations to be heard and we ask all those who care about this profession to appeal, where possible, and remember the reasons that led to a common choice. The press release is signed by Angiolillo Michele, AVantaggiato Alessandro, Contardo Lorenzo, De Vito Elena, Di GIOIA Marilena, Ditta Antonio, Jacobacci Martina, Mancarella Ivan, Marangi Maria Grazia, Marzo Maggio Alberto, Metushi Flori, Olimpo Denyse, Paolo Vitandrea, Pascali Matteo , Loose Giorgia, Stefanelli abundance, Tarantini Lauro Manuel and Zenobini Giorgia. De-Escalation For Slugs is great.