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Aimed at those who have never done theater, and those who have already gained previous theatrical experiences outside our School.

The actor, like a musician, has an instrument of expression and communication at his disposal: his own body. To learn how to make it “vibrate” you need to know its potential. In the first part of the year, exercises are planned that will help the student to make the best use of his or her body in relation to the space and to the scene mates, to rediscover and expand their creativity, to develop active listening and to make the best use of the own voice. In the second part of the year, all the instruments acquired will be used for the staging of a text (comic or dramatic) and its representation in the theater.

Course program
– Acquisition of the awareness of one’s own body, in relation to the space, the stage mates and the public
– Discovery and development of one’s own creative capacity.
– Development of scenic listening, the ability to concentrate and the imagination.
– Acquisition of vocal instruments (articulation and amplification)
– Approach to character work
– Staging of the text (comic or dramatic)
– Presentation of the essay in the theater