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Why Dominate In Google?

Most law firms understand the importance of online domination. Ninety percent of potential clients will search online to find the service that they are looking for. We can show endless data that represents this fact but common sense alone tells us the facts. Your potential customers will do their research online to find what they need and 90% of them will not look past the first page of Google. Why? Because Google has the best search results and the most recognized brand in the world for finding things. That is why you hear “Google it” virtually every day. Our SEO services are proven to gain you an unfair advantage. Ask us about our case studies to see the many examples of new business that we have brought to our clients.


So What Is Different About Our SEO Strategies?


The first and most important step that we perform for you is to find all of the best traffic generating keyword phrases to include in your website content. It never ceases to amaze us just how overlooked this important research is by most SEO companies. We leave no stone unturned in our keyword research because your firm deserves the benefits of total market domination.

This is 2018 and the techniques that worked in the past simply are no longer working. We are on the cutting edge of both SEO technology and technique. For example: The content that you read below is very special. It is crafted using what are called co-occurring words and LSI (latent semantic indexing). We have literally analysed the top ten results in Google for the keywords that we are ranking this page for. From those top ten pages we have carefully extracted the common words and phrases that each page shares with the others, and have included them in our page. Our 2018 on-site strategy is absolutely crucial to the success of your website. One of the first steps that we take is to audit your site and make sure that your content is LSI optimized.

The result, the page your reading ranks #1 for our target keyword phrase, out of 1.4 million results.


The biggest change in how we will effectively rank your website in 2018 is backlink strategy. Google has gone to great lengths to ignore and even penalize “unnatural” link building. Our strategies only include techniques that conform to Google’s quality guidelines.

So how do we stay on top of all these changes? How do we know what works? Not only do we belong to some of the largest SEO think tank groups in the world, but we run our own testing group. But even that is not enough in 2018, on a given day you will find us studying Google’s actual algorithm patents, such as this one on how they assign quality scores to web pages.


But Can We Rank More Than Just Your Website?

Yes. We can rank you #1 in local map packs. We can rank your web 2.0 properties such as your Yelp and Facebook pages #1. This is in addition to ranking your website pages #1. All digital roads are open and in consideration for bringing you traffic. We pride ourselves in understanding how to achieve multiple top rankings. For example we own the top 3 rankings for “nyc internet marketing services”!

We Are Ranked #1 In Manhatten

We rank #1 organically, the other SEO companies have to pay for Adwords to get to the top. They say that they can rank your site #1 organically yet they are unable rank their own websites? To paint a light on this situation it is important to understand that law related keywords average $50-$90 FOR A SINGLE CLICK when you buy clicks through Adwords. The expense is clear, it will cost your firm $5000 – $9000 per month just to buy 100 clicks through Adwords for a single keyword phrase. Organic traffic is free traffic.


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2018 Law Seo Secrets LSI Paragraph #1

orlando florida lawyer attorney personal injusySEO for a law firm is very important for generating new clients. Let’s talk about search engine work for a potential client, a social medium, link building, and search engine optimization. It’s important to provide a monthly report for your client, for example a personal injury attorney. They need to understand what an SEO campaign is all about, see a search result, and make sure that it is a good fit for the practice area. Every legal issue has a search engine results that can benefit the firm. Internet marketing such as Google, Bing, Google place, and even pay per click I used to get a prospective client. Sometimes I press release is used to generate a new client. A Target keyword can be picked for organic search, put in your blog post, and help to get that new client. Every legal service should use Google business platforms just like you use internet. 2 ranked high, and have a long-term strategy for the legal industry, each keyword phrase must be backed by complete keyword research. Black hat is out of the question, you do not want an SEO company to use that to generate traffic. Every 2018 SEO strategy, whether you’re a divorce lawyer, or a personal injury attorney, should be of high-quality. To get first page results you must use 2018 law seo secrets
on more than just your homepage. Your entire site must be mobile-friendly, have your call-to-action prominent such as your phone number, and take advantage of relevant keyword research. Social media, inbound link strategies, a great call to action will not only do the job, but it will do it well. Sometimes you just need the right word phrase to be in business.

Example LSI Paragraph #2

Every Law Firm can benefit from search engine marketing. Whether you’re attempting to get a potential client to read an article, find you through local SEO, or just post an informational blog post. The law firm owner must take advantage of every social medium and digital marketing tool out there. For example in 2018 voice search is becoming incredibly important to find your next potential client. We not only offer the latest and best SEO tip, we make sure that every webpage on your site has a chance to get traffic from a search result. We will often use a press release to talk about your specific practice area and local search. A search term may look like something you’re familiar with, but we make sure that it is going to work and a competitive City such as New York. Online marketing will not be easy in 2018 and you may want to think hard about getting serious because it is far more difficult than even a year ago. Just changing a meta description and adding a live video will not make you an SEO expert in personal injury SEO strategy. Bounce rate, search engine optimization, click rate, or just the beginnings of what it takes to land a new client. A lot of money can be wasted on the wrong marketing strategy and a website lead generation will suffer. The new generation of schema markup is extremely important for a criminal defense attorney that was only using PPC advertising. Even if you are a small business every keyword phrase, link back and high quality social media message is incredibly important to your internet marketing. Hire a marketing expert like us to get you on the first page, that is the biggest thing that you can do to take advantage in 2018. Law seo for search engine traffic is the secret for dominating your competition. See additional semantic examples on the Orlando lawyer niche here.