life moves on

Evicted Las Vegas. We have been hearing about it for years to remove the historic pub from the spaces occupied since 1982 in the village of Castellazzo di Bollate. As many as you hear about the redevelopment projects of the entire village close to Villa Arconati, which have always remained on paper.

But on March 5, the executive order for the pub became a reality. “And life goes on without giving up” the words of Carlo Garofalo, 67, a picturesque manager of the club that promises battle from social networks.

The eviction took place in general silence. “A heavy and guilty silence envelops the decisions that are being taken without any involvement of citizens and without confrontation in the administrative sphere regarding the future of the Borgo and its inhabitants, of the Villa and of the Castellazzese territory”, comments Luigi Catenacci, municipal councilor of list “For another Bollate“, which raises attention to the future of the place. Las Vegas has always been an integral part of the initiatives that the inhabitants of the village have put in place since the 1980s against the threat of evictions, for a project to restore the Castellazzo that started with the enhancement of the historical and naturalistic context.

“Time has weakened the strength – continues Catenacci – there are few people left in the village and the effects can be seen. The executive eviction in Las Vegas is an example. We are in the phase in which Castellazzo, with respect to the issue of evictions, is considered above all it is simply a problem between private owners of the historic complex and private citizens. What is happening, regardless of what the final outcome of the project will be, I consider serious for everyone “.

Since 2019 the Augusto Rancilio Foundation, owner of Villa Arconati, has been involved in the redevelopment of the village. The interventions have affected the rural part, until now excluding the houses.Monica Guerci