Màkari, Exclusive Interview with Ester Pantano: “There will be unexpected implications between Suleima and Saverio Lamanna”

Tonight, Monday 22 March 2021, the third episode of Màkari will be aired, the star-rated fiction inspired by the novels of Gaetano Savatteri and set on the beautiful coast of Trapani. Among the protagonists of the series also the fascinating Ester Pantano, a young and talented actress who entered the hearts of millions of viewers for having taken part in several successful series such as Il Commissario Montalbano, Imma Tataranni – Deputy Prosecutor – and for having starred in the films Mossa del Cavallo, based on the novel by Andrea Camilleri, and Notti Magiche by Paolo Virzì. In Màkari, Ester plays Suleima, a young and enterprising architecture student who manages to win over Saverio Lamanna, writer and journalist at the peak of her career.

Following the success of Màkari, the Rai mini-series with Claudio Gioè, this is what Ester Pantano told us exclusively at Comingsoon.it.

Hi Ester, how did your passion for acting come about?

I started singing first and then acting. My passion for acting stems from the need to learn to be on stage. I decided to take acting courses to gain more awareness and acceptance of myself. Elements that have proved to be fundamental and necessary to face the public and learn to manage emotions.

After Inspector Montalbano, the Mossa del Cavallo and Imma Tataranni, the Màkari project has arrived. Among all the characters played, is there one that has particularly involved you?

Yes. I am deeply in love with what was the path to build the character of Trisina Cicero, the young widow of La Mossa del Cavallo. I am attracted to the research and study of what 19th century women were in Sicily.

Màkari is seen as the heir of Il Commissario Montalbano …

Both have Sellerio Editore in common. Like Inspector Montalbano, Màkari is a crime to be solved and the setting remains the beautiful Sicily. Saverio is a pen cop, a writer who, through events, tries to find inspiration, while Montalbano does it for a living. The reality of Montalbano, then, is invented by Camilleri.

Tonight we will see you again as the beautiful and determined Suleima. Can you tell us something about the evolution of your character?

There are many similarities between me and Suleima. First of all, the desire to work hard and be independent. Then the dream, Suleima is a dreamer very attentive to the care of the person she loves. Suleima will confirm that she has a strong character, she will not abandon everything for a man, but she will continue to keep the point. There will be unexpected implications in the relationship with Saverio Lamanna. It was great to work with Claudio Gioè.

In your opinion, what is the key to the success of this series? Will there be a second season?

The pure and truthful tale of Sicily. Gaetano Savatteri included in Màkari the daily problems of today’s authentic Sicily. In Savatteri’s books, from which Màkari draws inspiration, the writer chooses to talk about the mafia, but in terms of territorial and social inefficiencies. A second season is possible. As already stated in the conference by the producer Carlo Degli Esposti, everything will depend on the ratings. Let’s hope!

Where will we see you next?

I’m working on the second season of Imma Tataranni. There are also other projects in the pipeline, but at the moment I can’t say anything.

Photo Lucia Iuorio

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Angela da Mondello: “Barbara d’Urso, you ruined my 8 months of life”
by Anita Nurzia, 08 04 2021

Angela da Mondello: “Barbara d’Urso, you ruined my 8 months of life”
Anita Nurzia
by Anita Nurzia
08 April 2021
Angela Chianello lashes out harshly against the Campania presenter.

Angela da Mondello: “Barbara d’Urso, you ruined my 8 months of life”

A few hours ago, Angela Chianello known as Angela da Mondello and for the summer catchphrase ‘No Coviddi’ she hurled herself against Barbara d ‘Urso, blaming her for ruining her 8 months of life.

Angela da Mondello: “Barbara d’Urso ruined my 8 months of life”
The Sicilian was a river in flood against the presenter and she claims to want to attend her talk show but not even managed to meet d’urso from which she expects an answer:

“I want to send a message to Barbara D’Urso – Angela began on Instagram – now you will say that I am licking his ass *, that’s not the case, I have never licked my ass * to anyone. I’m sorry to talk like that but it’s been eight months I’ve been quiet and good, that’s enough, I’m broken Dear Barbara, do you remember eight months ago when you did an interview with me, or rather your correspondents?

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