Mixing Mastering Services Orlando

Mixing Mastering Services Orlando

All songs are mixed & mastered with the same equipment used in many of the top master studios in Orlando Florida. You can also hire me (Jay) to come to your home studio and work with you on songs. We have cured all kinds of audio issues for bands from low volume guitars, mud drums, too much bass, not enough bottom end, mid-range mud and clipping.

All songs are mixed & mastered using the following equipment:

Apogee Symphony MK II Mixing Console/ Interface, Dangerous Music Convert-2 Convertors, Pro Tools 11 HD. Plug-ins include UAD Virtual effects processors, IK Multimedia T-Racks 3 Mastering plug-ins & Waves Mercury Bundle plug-ins, Elysia Mastering Invada, Vintage Digital Stereo Designer II.

Pedals include Z.Vex Mastotron Fuzz Pedal, Z.Vex Super Hard On Guitar Effects Pedal, Dan Electro Magnetic Twang Bar Guitar Effect Pedal, Whirlwind A/B Switcher, Rocktron All Access A/B Switcher, Radial Engineering Pro D2 Discrete DI Box.

Microphones include Shure SM57 Dynamic Studio Recording Microphone, Electrovoice N/D767a Dynamic Broadcast & Recording Microphone, Shure SM7b Dynamic Broadcast & Recording Microphone, Royer R-121 Ribbon Recording Microphone, RODE NT5 Condensor Microphone with Shock Mount.

Mixing and Mastering is available for the following songs: full length songs (a full track), demos (rough mixes of a song), single tracks (an individual song) and finally vocal comps (multiple takes of a song to create one master track, usually for pitch correction).

Mixing and Mastering Services:

1. Mix and Master full length songs (a full track)

2. Mix and Master demos (rough mixes of a song)

3. Mix and Master single tracks (an individual song)

4. Mix and Master vocal comps (multiple takes of a song to create one master track, usually for pitch correction)

5. Mixing sessions are 90 minutes long with up to 3 tracks mixed at a time.

6. Mastering includes providing high quality mp3 mixes as well as the mastered version in the following digital audio formats: wav, FLAC & AIFF formats.