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Why Dominate In Google?

Most business owners understand the importance of online domination. Virtually everyone will search online to find the product or service that they are looking for. We can show endless data that represents this fact but common sense alone tells us the facts. Your potential customers will do their research online to find what they need and 90% of them will not look past the first page of Google. Why? Because Google has the best search results and the most recognized brand in the world for finding things. That is why you hear “Google it” virtually every day.


So What Does It Look Like To Dominate In New York City?

There are two types of free traffic, organic and maps.

If your business has a local New York City address and serves customers locally most often you will have a map at the top of the first page and organic rankings under the map. The key to domination here is to rank #1 in the map and also rank #1 in the organic positions beneath the map.

When your business serves a national or international market there will not be a map. In this case the top results will be organic.


#1 Google Map Rankings


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#1 Google Organic Rankings


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