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“The discourse of migrants is historical in my opinion, not current. In the sense that there have always been migrants, they are part of the history of humanity. And rightly so. Wanting to stop them is an illegitimate act. I believe that migration will save this country, it will save an increasingly old and aging Europe. More and more morbid, more and more tired and ugly, more and more with a flabby ass and short legs. We will be more beautiful and intelligent, thanks to migrants ”.

Is it a communication problem?
“It is a problem that is not explained, because it is not understood even before. And Mr. Salvini is the one who understands it least of all. Like those who want to build walls. Just look at what color your hair is… You don’t realize that these are inevitable phenomena. And that they are anthropological, not political. Politics decides nothing, it cannot stop anything ”.

What do you feel like saying to young people ”
“To keep dreaming. To get lost in the wide spaces. Just like Leopardi in ‘The Infinite’ “.

Six theatrical pieces, seven big shows, an exceptional artistic director and a splendid location overlooking the sea with a view of the Portofino promontory: these are the ingredients of Dionisio Festival, the first theatrical review made in Chiavari.

The review is organized by the Department of Culture of the Municipality of Chiavari together with Davide Paganini, artistic director of the event and well-known Italian actor, involved in various projects including Cassini’s latest film ‘Beyond the Storm’. The Chiavari summer theater is sponsored by the Liguria Region and the Genoa Chamber of Commerce. A range of diversified proposals with the aim of satisfying the tastes of spectators, pleasing tourists and pampering residents.

The program, divided into six events, all free, starting at 9.30 pm, offers dramas and comedies with nationally renowned actors in the wonderful setting overlooking the sea of ​​Piazza Gagliardo: it starts on Thursday 4 July with Gabriele Lavia in ‘Lavia says Leopardi ‘, while on July 18th Paolo Rossi will present’ Jannacceide ‘to the public, to continue on July 31st with the duo of actors, Davide Paganini and Massimo Caretta, who will play’ New York Marathon ‘.
It continues on August 5th with Michele Placido and his ‘Evening of honor’, to continue on August 18th with ‘From hell to infinity’, starring Monica Guerritore; and finally, at the conclusion of the review, on 28 August, the fascinating Alessandro Preziosi in ‘Moby Dick’. Space also for social issues, with charity partners such as Amani, Doctors Without Borders and Amref.